I’m afraid there isn’t anyone out there who could understand what i've done...

Take a deep breath and know that we understand perhaps like no one else can or ever will.  We have been where you are right now.  You're not alone. We all had some fear about attending our first meeting. Here are some things you can expect:

  • You will probably be asked by at least one person if this is your first meeting.
  • You will be asked to introduce yourself to the group with just your first name.
  • You will not be expected to make comments. The first meeting is a great opportunity to listen and learn how the program works.  
  • The facilitator of the meeting will choose someone to lead a "foundation presentation" which will help you to understand what sex addiction is.
  • Recovered members who have worked the 12 Steps will announce their names and if they are able to "sponsor.”  A sponsor is someone who shows another sex addict how to work the 12 Steps so they can recover.
  • If you are interested in finding sobriety in our program then we encourage you to find a sponsor and begin working the 12 Steps.  The group provides much needed fellowship and support during this process.

What is required of the newcomer at their first meeting?

  • Nothing.
  • You won't be required to do anything at your first meeting. In SAA, your participation is voluntary.  If you have taken the sex addiction test on this website and you need help then we encourage you to find a meeting today.

Still Have Doubts

If you would prefer to speak with someone over the phone before deciding to attend a meeting please call our Helpline (413) 353-HELP. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year.  When you call the number above, Google Voice will connect you with one of our sober recovered members who can answer any questions you might have and get you started on your journey to sobriety. If we are unable to answer then please leave us a voicemail and we will get back to you.