Although we differ from alcoholics in the sense that we use a different substance to get "high," essentially we are dealing with the same problem.  We use compulsive sexual behavior to numb our unmanageable internal condition.  Addicts in other recovery fellowships have their own distinct substance which they use to self-medicate.  Yet, all addicts share the same basic dilemma: lack of power.  If we had power over our addictive behaviors then we would be able to manage our most sincere desire to stop engaging in them.

There are over two hundred 12 Step fellowships for nearly every imaginable form of addictive behavior.  Our experience has shown us that the basic problem has not changed over time and neither should the simple solution which restores us to sanity.

From 1939 to 1953, the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous was the only 12 Step document in existence.  Therefore, it was the only book they used for working the 12 Steps when they were experiencing the extraordinarily high 75% success rate. This is why we choose to study this book in-depth, work the steps out of this book, and sponsor others out of this book.  Experience has shown us that it is the most successful approach to recovery no matter what the addictive behavior might be. Our focus is always on helping the newcomer and we believe we have an obligation to offer him/her the best statistical chance at success in their sobriety and recovery.